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Hessian boxed innerspring unit.

Hand stitched foundation layers.

Hand layered upholstery components.

Overlocked and safety stiched calico flange edge.

Hand quilted Cerix foam border.

Hand quilted Nu-Wool and Cerix foam border.

Triple sewn cloth turning handles with Nu-Wool core.

Corner buttons.

Hand tufting.



Real Base: Components and Construction

The exclusive designed real beds base is assembled from plantation radiata pine with boxed timber panels, by professional uphosltery furniture manufacturers, Sydney.

The Bonnelli innerspring coil spring unit,
matching the
mattress spring,
is inserted inside the firm edge base frame.

18 oz jute hessian,
hand-clipped to the innerspring frame.

A heavy neddled cotton felt pad
is the
second foundation layer.

A 12 mm. sheet of premium polyurethane foam
is the first support layer.

The inerspring unit, foundation and support layers are then wrapped in a needled wool felt pad.

A layer of 350 gm. lapper wool completely encases
 the entire timber base, the innerspring unit,
and the upholstery layers, before the cover is affixed.

real bases are finished with calico backing cloth and
fitted with
hooded twin-wheel castors.
castor, load-rated at 50 kilo.,
is secured with with oversized steel washer.
King bases are interlocked with chrome cabon hooks.
Single beds are fitted with six castors, double and larger have nine.

Available in all matching mattress fabrics.

Innerspring Mattresses
Topper Overlays

Three generations of mattress-making.