Innerspring Mattresses
Topper Overlays

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Vintage Mattresses

Spring-Air Mattress
The Master Bedding Makers of America.
Holland, Michigan.

- National Geographic
, May 1935.

Flock Bolster, circa 1930.
Hand-made wool tufts.

Kapok Mattress, circa 1940.

Striped ticking, piped-edge

side-stitched border,
hand tufted with leather tufts.

Lotus Inner Spring Mattress in high-grade Belgian ticking, 1940.

- (Newcastle)
Advocate, December 6, 1940, page 31.

Before the introduction of heavy gauge edge frames,
early innerspring mattresses could be rolled.

Later models, with edge frames, required a warning label:

Nestonia, 1945.
 Innerspring mattress in damask, piped and rolled-edge, side vents, hand tufted,


The Super Relaxon
, 1945.

Innerspring, wire web, curled hair, cocoanut (sic) fibre, and garnetted cotton wadding mattress in damask, piped edge, side-stiched, hand tufted with leather

Manufactured by C.C. Rawson,

Innerspring, cotton linters, and coconut fibre mattress
in damask, piped edge, side-stiched,
hand tufted with leather

Hordernia Spring Filled Mattress, 1950.

Anthony Hordern and Sons Ltd.

Brickfield Hill

Innerspring mattress in damask fabric, side-stitched border, hand tufted with leather tufts.

Hurstville Bedding Co., 1974.

Innerspring unit, underfelt, and garnetted woollens mattress
in damask fabric, tape-edged, and hand tufted with leather tufts.

Approximately 40 years old, the mattress is still comfortable,
and in excellent condition.

Modern Mattresses

Simmons Maxipedic Comfort, 1980.
Innerspring, coconut fibre, and cotton felt mattress in foam quilted polyester-cotton (?) fabric, and tape-edged.

Sealy Super Premium, 2000.

Innerspring, plastic flex-a-lator, under-felt, and cotton linters mattress, in a foam quilted polyester-cotton cover, and tape-edged.

Walton's Carnival Domino,1995.

Sealy Slat Matt, Latex Grand Rest, 2005.

Single Box Base, 2000.

Pine timber frame, cardboard, 9mm foam, cotton fabric border, and melded fabric top, twin-wheel castors.


Horse Hair Swab.
A hand filled and heavily stitched seat insert. 

Admiralty House, Sydney, 2007.

Feather, Horse Hair and Straw Mattresses.
Elizabeth Bay House, Sydney, 1999.

Reproduction small single mattress in strip ticking.
Quarantine Station, North Head, Sydney, 2007.

Napoleonic Camp Bed.
Three pieces in foam, latex, and wool, 1997.

Innerspring Day-bed.
Buttons, Rolled Edge and Cut-out Corners, 2003.

Round Mattress and Base.
Frank Cater, circa 1977.
Round Mattress, circa 1990.

 "Natural Fibre" Mattress circa 1940, 2007.
Foam, Latex and Wool with false side-stitched borders, one of three pieces commissioned for cinema film Australia, 2007.

Single French Antique Bed with Rounded Foot, 2005.


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Innerspring Mattresses
Topper Overlays

Three generations of mattress-making.